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Buy Online Supplements In Noida For Best Results

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Are you planning to purchase quality and result oriented nutrition supplements online? If yes, there are numbers of factors that one should consider to make sure that you select the top quality products that are devoted to provide the best long-term results.

The initial thing you will definitely desire to do when it comes to shop Best Health Supplements In Noida is to locate a few online companies that present top quality committed nutrition supplements that you have heard of and that you recognize you need to assist you reach your goals. Then, you can pay out some moment and go through the websites, discover the products they give to choose which ones you are going to require to make sure that you provide your body the much required nutritional support it needs now and looking ahead.

You should learn as possible as you can about each supplier. It is your chances to collect review every supplier and then compare them against each other to discover which one is going to be the precise match for you and allow you to shop with confidence.

Checking the reviews the supplier of nutritional supplements is not a fast job; it takes some time and devotion. You will wish to learn BuyOnline Supplements what you can from their web portal, find out how professional their website is and whether they offer a contact number and address, so you identify you are buying from a lawful company.

Check information on Supplements Online In Noida into your search engine and find out more results. You wish to discover independent review websites and fitness forums, where you can interpret honest customer experiences managing with the companies. Frequently this is helpful as you can also get an experience for the qualities of their products, which can also assist you, buy with self-confidence.

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

1to1 Fitness Rising To Become Most Widely Sought After Fitness App For Busy Professionals

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1to1Fitness App is a unique fitness app that gives professionals the scope to remain fit and healthy when busy and on the move.

Recent research and survey among professionals have revealed that 1to1 Fitness App is gradually become the most fitness app referred to by corporate professionals for physical and mental health. Corporate people generally have a very busy life and they do not get time to go the gym and work out regularly. They also do not get access to healthy food and this is where they suffer as they are mostly stressed and indulging in the wrong food habits.

The 1to1 Fitness App is a total fitness tool for professionals that are looking for mental and physical health while on the move. The app gives them access to a wide variety of high protein foods that help them get the energy levels and nutrition their body needs when on the run. Present day work schedules and time-tables are demanding and extremely stressful. The body produces high levels of cortisol and this distorts the normal functioning of the brain affecting work and other relationships at the same time.

The App also gives men tips on how to build their bodies with the right body building supplement that helps them to get the body mass that they desire in a healthy way. The app provides users with significant information and data. These facts are presented in an organized and well- explained manner.  Users can also get notifications about health and can have their health related queries answered by professionals and fitness experts. 

The 1ti1 Fitness App also gives users a special lifestyle plan. Here, the users are able to get insight into healthy living and food. A healthy diet plan is also essential for good mental and physical health. However, professionals in the corporate world hardly get the time to stick to one. The App gives them special formulated lifestyle plans that ensure they live life to the optimal and without illness. The lifestyle plan is always customized to the needs of the person. If a user wants, he or she may also speak to eminent lifestyle coaches in the nation. 

Users are able to receive customized healthcare tips for their needs. This helps people of all ages and from all backgrounds to remain free from disease and illness. These daily tips are given by experienced nutritionists after they carefully examine the profile of users. Professionals in the corporate world are finding this app helpful especially when they are travelling from one place to another and look for fitness tips. 

The App also has free exercise videos for professionals to practice when they are on the move. The number of downloads for this fitness app is increasing every month and this is good news for the creators of the App- users are keen to stay fit and healthy even when busy with work!

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Discover 9 Super Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

August 08, 2016 one2one
This article gives you an insight into 9 super foods that help you lose weight and stay in shape for longer intervals.

Many obese and overweight people ponder on how to lose weight daily. Losing weight does not mean that you should fast on a regular basis. The entire process of losing weight should be healthy and safe. There are skilled and experienced nutritionists that state it is important for you to ensure you receive the right amount of nutrients when you are embarking on a weight loss plan. The following are 9 foods that should be included in your weight loss diet plan as they will help you shed weight and lose the extra calories without hassles at all-

  1. Beans-Yes, beans are high in fiber and a very rich source of protein. They are slow to digest and filling for you as well.  If you are full for a longer intervals , the urge to eat often will reduce in you. 
  2. Soup- You should begin your meal with soup. This ensures that you will land up eating less. It is wise to skip the cream and butter. 
  3. Eggs & Sausages- Eggs and sausages for breakfast will reduce your urge to snack at frequent intervals throughout the day. 
  4. Dark Chocolate-Opt for dark chocolate over milky versions between meals.  This is one of the best weight loss tips across the globe!
  5. Vegetables- You may opt for pureed vegetables to your weight loss diet. This will help you cut out on the extra calories.  They are rich in nutrients as well and give you the best for your diet. 
  6. Apples-An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away but it is beneficial for weight loss as well. You should do away with apple juice and apple -sauce. Opt for whole apples between meals as raw fruit has more fiber.
  7. Nuts-Munching on nuts will help you automatically lose weight. You may take a handful of peanuts, pecans, 
  8. Yoghurt-If you are looking for a slimmer waistline, you should opt for daily consumption of yoghurt. 
  9. Grapefruit- This fruit is excellent for you to lose weight. It is also recommended for people that suffer from diabetes.
Therefore, if you are struggling to lose weight, it is prudent for you to keep the above 9 foods in mind for safe and effective weight loss. With the right weight loss tips, you effectively are able to get rid of the extra pounds without hassles at all.  You should have the right portions and instead of taking 3 heavy meals a day, it is prudent for you to have six small portions in one day. The body is able to digest the food properly and you will feel light and more active. Moreover, with the right portion control you can curb hunger pangs and this will help you stay fit and healthy in the long run too!

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Top Reasons For You To Take Health Supplements In Your Diet

July 28, 2016 one2one

This post gives you an insight into the top reasons as to why you should take health supplements under medical supervision in modern times.

Many people question the significance of taking health supplements in their diet. They are of doubt and often do not know what supplement to take. They fall prey to advertisements and often ask friends and family for supplement intake. This is a wrong step that they generally take. They should ask skilled and qualified nutritionists that will guide them on the right supplement to take. Once they are aware of the right dosage and name, they have the option to buy online supplements available on credible health and fitness websites from the comforts of their home!

Reasons to take supplements 

The following are some of the top reasons for you to buy the best health supplements online in Noida-

1. Modern agricultural farming techniques lead to the growth of crops that have mineral deficiencies primarily because the soil lacks them.

2. Food is often shipped to long distances and they need to be stored for a very long time. This shipment and storage often leads to the depletion of important vitamins in the food items. They often lose the vitamin B-Complex and Vitamin C.

3. The cooking and food processing techniques lead to the depletion of salient nutrition that is needed by the human body. This makes it hard for you to receive the nutritional value that you should get from food.

4. Today, you will find that food and vegetables is grown in a way to improve their visual appeal and not nutritional value. You often get attracted to them and land up consuming them. Little do you realize that they do not have any kind of nutritional value at all!

5. Most people are so busy in life that they hardly pay attention to their eating habits. They do not consume healthy food. They do not chew properly and this leads to digestion issues. Most of the time people consume fast food that has no levels of nutritional value at all!

6. People are now consuming medicines and pharmaceutical drugs on a regular basis. These drugs deplete the important nutrients that are required by the human body. This is the reason why more and more people fall prey to disease and illness.

7. There are certain phases of life and health where you require supplements for fitness. For instance, when you are pregnant, you should have high doses of folic acid.  On the other hand, menopausal women are susceptible to calcium deficiencies. Here, supplements are needed.

Buy the right supplement after medical intervention

Thus, from the above, it is evident that you must buy the right supplement after consultation with a skilled and experienced doctor. In this manner, you will get the best supplement for your health and fitness needs. For the best health supplement in Noida,
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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Safe And Healthy Ways To Gain Weight

July 16, 2016 one2one

When you are looking for ways and means to gain weight, you will find that you are the subject of envy among your friends and family. Everyone has the endeavor to lose weight but unfortunately, for you it is very tough to gain that extra pound of flesh. Trusted nutritionists in Noida state that you cannot just gain weight by adding junk food to your diet. It is very important for you to discover the safe and healthy way to gain weight. Given below are some healthy tips-
  • Opt for safe weight gain foods- When you are looking for a healthy way to add the pounds to your diet, it is prudent for you to do away with fat-free versions of food.  You can do away with ready-made food and make your own salad with dressings rich in healthy oils. Check the label of the food items that you consume and remove those that have “low calorie”, “light” and “diet” mentioned on the labels. 
  • Cereals- Ensure that the cereals you eat daily has 200 calories per cup. It is prudent for you to opt for museli and granola as cereal intake.
  • Opt for fatty fish- You may opt for fish that is rich in fat like salmon. This fish is high in calories and is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that are healthy.
  • Consume desserts rich in nutrients- You should consume desserts that are rich in nutrients like oatmeal cookies, pumpkin pie, zucchini bread and frozen yoghurt.
  • Snack healthy- The healthy snacks that you may opt for are nuts, dried fruits and fresh fruits with a high density like mangoes and avacodos.
  • Make smoothies- Smoothies are good for you to take between meals. You can make them at home easily. You may also replace water with fruit juice as this is thicker and will make you feel fuller for long intervals too.
Therefore, if you are looking for means and ways as to how to gain weight, you will find that the above tips will help you put on the extra pounds in a safe and effective manner Thanks to technology and the internet you will find that there are several online stores where you may buy food products for your health. You can also buy health supplements for getting the energy and the vitality you deserve. 

In short, you do not have to worry about gaining weight in the unhealthy manner. Be smart and wise. In case, you cannot find the healthy food you want in local stores, you may shop online and have them delivered to your home. For credible online grocery shopping Delhi stores,

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Monday, June 27, 2016

The Goodness of Oilve Oil

June 27, 2016 one2one

Olive oil is considered to be one of the world’s healthiest food. If you are looking for a new way to get fit, it is important that you change your present oil into olive oil. In fact, this oil is the main oil used in the Mediterranean diet and it has been the first choice for some of the world’s oldest surviving cultures. The Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the most healthy diets in the world and much of its benefits is attributed to olive oil.

You may be wondering as to what are the health benefits of olive oil? You will find the presence of two essential nutrients in olive oil- they are monounsaturated fats and tyrosol esters. The former helps in making the blood cholesterol better. This reduces the risk of heart diseases and enhances the blood glucose levels aiding in the treatment of diabetes. Tyrosol helps in protecting your body against a large number of complicated health conditions and infections. This helps in the removal of pain from the body. It also supports the vital health organs in the body and strengthens the immune system too.

When you are consuming olive oil, it is important for you to note that it is fat and you must control the portion that you take daily. One tablespoon of olive oil is 120 calories and so just adding a few tablespoons to your meals will increase the calories.  When it comes to the correct intake of olive oil, it is important for you to just sprinkle some olive oil on your salad like dressing.  If you are cooking meat, you may add come olive oil to enhance its flavour. You may also add a tablespoon of this oil to your curry or main meal and boost its nutrients. This will not alter the taste of the dish at all.

Just olive oil consumption will not mean that you will be fit and fine. It is very important for you to get hold a good nutritionist and opt for a balanced diet as per your age and needs. When it comes to olive oil, you should use the extra virgin olive oil. In salads, this oil is generally added. You may also buy online supplements and add them to the salads to make them nutritiously tasty!

In case, you do not have the time to physically go to the store and buy olive oil, you may opt for trusted online grocery shops. They will have an extensive range of olive oil brands for you to choose from. You may also buy other health snacks and food for your family too. For buying health food and other items in the Capital, visit this trusted online grocery shopping delhi and shop from the comforts of your home without hassles.

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How To Choose The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss?

June 15, 2016 one2one
If you are making an attempt to lose weight, you will find that it is never an easy task. There are some people that go to fitness trainers to get the exclusive workout for weight loss but in most cases they give up after a certain period of time if the results are not positive. There are again some more people that go into the semi-starvation or starvation mode- what they fail to realize is that they end up gaining more pounds than before!

Here, it is important for you to note the importance of choosing the right protein powder for weight loss. Luckily variety is the spice of life and there are many flavors of protein powders to suit your taste buds. There are also categorizations that are based on the manufacturing process too. For instance, if you check the market, you will find that there are isolated protein shakes known as hydrolyzed shakes that are expensive over their standard variants. When it comes to protein shakes, you will find that the most important part of them is the element of digestion. You must be able to digest them in order to get the best for your needs. For example, if you buy a product that is hard to digest, you will exclusive workout suffer from health complications like constipation. This of course will not be ideal for your health.
The next thing you should look out for when you are going in for the best protein powder is the caloric values and the concentration. The protein powder that you choose must not contribute to extra calories to your regular general intake. This means you should check the product and if it is whey based, check the caloric intake that you must consume daily. Whey protein powders are cheap but it is prudent to check the added minerals and vitamins to them. This is a smart way of buying protein powder in the market.

Responsible manufacturers of protein powders will have a list of indications and contra indications. This is one aspect of the protein powder that you must check into. With the right information, you effectively are able to get the health implications of the product without hassles at all.  For example, if you are a pregnant woman you will be excluded from the intake of protein powder. Likewise, children too are not advised to consume protein powder. If a person has physical complications or mental illness, it is advised that he or she should not take this protein powder for weight loss.The medical officer or doctor is the best person to consult when it comes to taking supplements for weight loss. 

Therefore, when you are looking for the best protein powder for weight loss, you must check the above for your needs. For more information on protein powder and other weight loss products, please Visit Here-

Thursday, June 2, 2016

4 Tips For Optimal Nutrition

June 02, 2016 one2one

Food is medicine for the mind and the body. The great Greek Physician Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” This means that you have to go in for optimal nutrition in order to maintain a health mind and body all the time.

When it comes to health and nutrition the following 5 tips will ensure that you get the best food for your mind and body easily. Let us take a look at them-

1. Get the best nutrition from whole foods only: When you are looking for the best nutrition for your mind and body, it is important for you to think about wholefoods only. Include nuts, fruits, vegetables, meat and pulses in your diet. In fact, they should be a part and parcel of your fat burning diet. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and should be the ideal choice when it comes to remaining fit and healthy the year round.  Go in for roasted almonds or salted ones too!

2. Go Organic: Organic farming is now becoming popular for its environmentally friendly way of growing crops. The crops are grown in healthy soil and the food that you choose are grown without the use of pesticides. There are also no antibiotics that are used in the process. 

3. Hydrate with water: Our bodies need water and it is important that your body is always optimally hydrated. Drinking water is also the best way to lose weight. You often mistake thirst for hunger. You should drink sufficient water and check the color of your urine. It should be clear. Without proper hydration our nerves and muscles will not be able to function properly.

4. Prepare time for eating: If you have bad eating habits, it is important for you to change them as soon as possible. In fact planning for food is also part of your plan on how to gain weight in case you wish to put on some. It is important for you to schedule and write your shopping lists. Avoid taking temptation food. It is advised to prepare your list and shop online instead of going to the supermarket where you will be tempted to pick up unhealthy snacks and food.

With the aid of these 4 tips you effectively are able to achieve. These changes should be done one at a time. In this manner, you are able to improve your nutrition. Small changes are the key to your success. With time and patience, you are able to achieve these goals and see the positive difference that you tend to make to your life gradually- all the best!

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Friday, May 20, 2016

5 Serious Tips For Weight Loss

May 20, 2016 one2one

You will find that losing weight is challenging for most people and there is a lot of confusion as to what you should do and what you should not. If you are serious about losing fat, it is important for you to make a healthy start. The first step would be to go in for a nutritional diet. Given below are some effective tips on the best way to lose weight-

  • Count Your Calories: It is important for you to know how many calories you should consume. This can be done by calculating your BMI or Basal Metabolic Rate. You can do this yourself easily. All you need to do is go to Google and search for a BMI tool. One good tool that you can use is the Harris Benedict Formula for getting the BMI. Once you have calculated the above on your levels of activity, it is important for to adjust the calories that are needed for getting desired weightloss.
Count Your Calories

  • Measure Your Portions: It is true that you do not like counting calories all the time but portion size can really help you control what you consume. It is important for you to note that taking in too many calories and consuming more food over what you can burn will cause the extra calories to be added to the human body as fat. It is here that you have to take the portion size into account. Meals can be measured by using the “Eyeball Method”.  Here, you should choose a protein that is the same size of your palm, carbohydrate should be the same size as your clenched fist and the fat portions of your meal should be of the size of your thumb. This Eyeball Method of eating will also help you choose portions when you are eating out at parties or with friends.
Measure Your Portions

  • Burn More Over What You Take: It is important for you to ensure that you burn more calories over what you take. The right food and exercise will help you in a large manner to burn fat and get the body into same. When you are counting calories again, ensure that you have a calorie deficit of about 500-100 calories or a combination of this deficit with exercise.
  • Safe Weight Loss: When you are looking for weight loss, ensure that you set goals that are realistic. In case, you overdo the weight loss part, your body will gradually go into the starvation mode as you are not taking enough calories to fuel your body. The body later will hold onto everything that it take and store the calories. This makes you overweight.
  • Workouts: It is very important for you to ensure that you workout properly. You should take a meal at least 1 to 2 hours before you exercise. Post exercise, you must eat within half an hour. There are exercises that will teach you how to gain weight but you must follow this rule with them too.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

10 Best Fruits & Vegetables For Diabetics

May 02, 2016 one2one

If you are a diabetic, it is very important for you to ensure that you are careful with what you eat and consume on a daily basis. You should be extra cautious when it comes to the intake of meals and snacks. Unfortunately, many people suffering from diabetics do not know what to eat and how to consume their meals. The following is a guide to 10 fruits and vegetables that you should take in case you are diabetic:

  • You can take fruits like lime, peaches and grapefruit. You should divide your vegetable and fruit intake into 5 portions through the whole day. If you spread the fruit that you eat through the whole day will prevent a sudden rise in your blood sugar. 
  • If you are a non vegetarian and like meat, it is recommended that you consume lamb just once or twice in a week.
  • It is very important for you to consume a high fiber diet. They include fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, pulses and cereals. They will decrease your glucose levels and reduce blood cholesterol levels too.

  • It is wise to take white meat like poultry chicken, duck etc.
  • Fish and seafood of all types may be consumed by you if you are fond of fish. It is suggested that you steam, boil, bake or even grill fish over frying it. 
  • You should increase the intake of wholegrain food over processed food and go in for brown rice over white rice. You can buy many wholefoods online from the comforts of your home. 

  • It is recommended that you go in for low fat dairy products like skimmed milk, yoghurt and low fat cheese.
  • If you take eggs, it is healthy to avoid the yolk and consume the white part of the egg only.
  • You may consume all kinds of cheese except cottage cheese.
  • Onion and garlic are very good when it comes to reducing blood sugar levels.
You also will find many kinds of diabetic food in the market today. They are intended to give you complete nutrition without any kind of side effects. The best part of this food is that you are able to order it from credible and trusted online ecommerce health websites like the one that has been recently by 1 to 1 Fitness. When you are ordering the diabetic food of your choice, it is important for you to check the product description and check the nutritional chart as well. In this way, you will be eating yourself to good health despite of your daily battle with diabetics.
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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Weight Loss On The Go!

April 16, 2016 one2one

Weight Loss On The Go!

Many people are completely lost when it comes to healthy snacks. This leads to them skipping their meals or going in for alternate snacks that are not good for their body. One of the prime reasons why you should never skip meals is that your blood sugar levels take a dip and this causes you to binge on your next meal. If you wish to control your hunger, it is recommended that you begin snacking on those healthy cookies or roasted peanuts to ensure that your blood sugar levels do not dip. This will also help you to manage your food portions as well.

People often feel guilty about snacking however the truth is that there is nothing wrong with it. In fact that healthy cake that you buy will actually keep your body and mind fresh. It will also keep your metabolism going as well. In order to keep blood sugar levels stable, it is important for you to have at least 2 to 3 snacks every day. These snacks should be rich in nutrition and not processed. They will give your body optimal energy and you will feel good throughout the whole day. Now, if you look at the market today, you will find that there are so many healthy snack options available for you. The best ones will not allow you to put on weight.

Most people consider snacks to be chips, cookies rich in butter and cashew and candy bars. They generally go for that big bag of potato chips when they are hungry. These snacks are very unhealthy and they cause your blood sugar to spike. This makes you put on weight. These snacks increase insulin levels and the body stores the carbohydrates as fat. It is important for you to find food that is dense in nutrition. You can go in for cottage cheese, protein powder, yoghurt, fruits etc.

Many people wrongly believe that starving will help them lose weight. This is wrong again. Snacking is important in the fat burning process and the moment you snack you do not have the tendency to overeat. For many people sticking to a diet is hard and challenging. However, starving yourself to the point of hunger is no good too. You will wish to devour everything you see in sight. Even if you ask anyone in good shape, they will tell you that they snack too. Therefore, if you wish to remain fit and strong, it is very important for you to pay attention to healthy snacks and never starve yourself to lose weight. After a meal you can also go in for that non fat dessert and not feel guilty too.

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Daily Fat Burning Diet Snacking Tips

April 11, 2016 one2one

People struggling to lose weight and get into shape fast can now get daily fat burning diet snacking tips from the 1to1 Fitness App. This App is a health and lifestyle App targeted at the busy professional who does not have time to exercise or find the best way to lose weight.

Both men and women face the severe challenge of weight loss daily. Stress and the demands of work life have also created a time pressure. Fast food and lack of exercise are the main triggers for weight gain. Eating the wrong snacks is the main culprit too.  The creators of the 1to1 Fitness App have invested time in research and spoken to renowned health and medical professionals for helping people on how to reduce weight and get back into shape by eating baked and roasted snacks.

These fat burning tips have been accumulated and will now be given as alerts to notify subscribers of the App on how to lose weight in a safe and healthy manner. Each of these tips are targeted to make both men and women aware of the detrimental effects of weight gain and the negative impact it can have on the body.

The 1to1 Fitness App also gives people tips on how to gain weight if they are skinny or underweight. The App also addresses certain myths when it comes to weight loss. People tend to treat carbohydrates the main cause for weight gain but they do not consider the importance of counting calories. This is very important for people to get weight control and remove the excess pounds.

There is also a common misconception that  eating 3 meals every day is needed to maintain weight. Some people state that 6 meals in one day are important. According to the fitness experts at 1to1 Fitness, it is not the amount of meals you take it is the amount of calories you take at the end of every meal. The App will also teach men and women how to effectively count calories and control weight while having snacks and meals.

Another myth that the 1to1Fitness experts have seen is that carbohydrates should be avoided altogether. They are an essential part of a balanced diet both for men and women.  Weight loss does not mean that one needs to completely give up on desserts in meals. The favorite dessert may be eaten once in a while. Experts at the 1to1 Fitness App state that portion control and moderation is the key and diet to a successful weight. Desserts with dark chocolate should be opted more.

The above are some of the fat burning tips that 1to1 Fitness App will give both men and women who are looking for the best way to lose weight.

Visit the official website of 1to1Fitness App for more useful fat burning diet tips and information:

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Healthy Cereals - How To Buy Them Online

March 18, 2016 one2one

Healthy Cereals - How To Buy Them Online

Life is really very busy however when it comes to breakfast, you will find that a healthy cereal, one cup of low fat milk and a piece of fruit can really give you great results. It is very important for you to ensure that you have a healthy cereal when it comes to breakfast. If you have a good and filling breakfast, you tend to get half the day’s energy of rich nutrition packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Many people are unaware of this basic fact that adding milk to your cereal actually boosts its nutritional content even higher. During the day, you should always opt for high protein snacks.

There are studies that have revealed that people who eat a healthy breakfast tend to consume more amounts of calcium, fiber and lesser fat. People who suffer from diabetes are able to normalize the blood sugar levels in the body gradually slowing down the conversion of food into sugar.

When we are choosing our breakfast cereals for the day, it is very important for you to note that a good and healthy cereal is one that will ensure you get the power packed energy you would need for the entire day. Now, the question is what makes a good wholesome cereal and how can you effectively choose the right one?

When it comes to buying cereals, it is very important for you to always go in for a cereal that has wholegrain. Now, you may be wondering as to what whole grain is? A whole grain has parts that are completely wholesome and edible. From them, we also get a very good amount of minerals, vitamins and fiber. If you check the market, you will get wholegrain tortillas and popcorn- they are good as healthy snacks as well.

Now, if you look at a kernel of grain, you will find that it generally has four parts- the outer cover called the husk that is not edible, germ or the lower portion of the grain- this is the part that will sprout into a new plant and endosperm- this is the largest part of the seed and consists primarily of starch protein.

When you are buying wholegrain in the market, ensure you read the label of the product carefully. There are some products that contain the best whey protein for giving you a healthy meal.

When you are looking for healthy cereals and high protein snacks, it is wise and prudent for you to buy from health and fitness stores online. These stores ensure that you get the best food and cereals you deserve for a long lasting and great health with success.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Discover The Best Online Health Supplements For Women

March 08, 2016 one2one

Discover The Best Online Health Supplements For Women

If you are a woman and looking for online health supplements for energy and fitness, you will not be disappointed with the range of options available to you on the Internet! Thanks to the Internet and some credible fitness websites like 1to1 Fitness, you effectively are able to order  genuine health supplements from the comforts of your home. You may find top quality health supplements for safe weight loss and other ailments or diseases from a single source.

When it comes to buying a health supplement for your health and fitness, it is recommended not to just pick up the first supplement that catches your eye. Since you are a woman, you are sensitive and can land up in trouble if you consume the wrong health supplement. You should first ascertain your reasons for buying the health supplement or take professional advice in the matter.

When it comes to effective weight management, there are many fitness experts who guide you on the right type of health supplements. They will instruct you on how to lose weight safely with the right dosage. Besides health supplements for weight loss, they will instruct you on a series of exercises and workouts that you may do at home or at a gym. Besides weight loss exercises and health supplements, fitness experts will also guide you on the right diet and caloric intake. You are a woman and so you must be careful with what you consume. The body of a woman is not the same as a man- this is an important point that you must keep in mind when you are looking for the best health supplements for your needs!

Now, if you think that health supplements are just for weight loss, you are wrong. The good news is that there are health supplements for women who are looking for safe ways to earn some extra kilos. Fitness experts will teach them how to gain weight securely without upsetting their hormonal balance and figure. Health supplements will also be recommended to them.

The same health supplements are not recommended to women of all ages. The age, health condition, lifestyle etc of the woman needs to be taken into account before these dietary health supplements are recommended to them. However, when you are shopping for genuine and top quality health supplements, you must ensure that you buy them from reliable sources like 1to1 Fitness in Delhi. The nutritionists here are certified and trained. They deal with every kind of health concern and issue. They have listed some safe and effective health supplements for women of all ages. These supplements are available online and can be ordered instantly. Against the product, you will find essential nutritional value and in case you have any queries or concerns, you can always mail and contact the friendly experts here.

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Get Into Shape NOW With Your Personal Weight Loss Coach Online!

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Get Into Shape NOW With Your Personal Weight Loss Coach Online!

There are times when you just cannot get the inspiration and motivation to work out on your own. You try working out at home or even at your local gym but the extra weight you have gained just refuses to go away. It is here that you need the expert services and advice of a weight loss coach who will not only devise a unique weight loss program for you but also ensure you stay motivated to your exercise and health regime. 

Get your ideal weight loss coach online
For finding your ideal weight loss coach, you do not have to run from pillar to post. The good news is you can find the ideal weight loss coach online from 1to1Fitness. This unique website has a number of certified and trained weight loss experts who are available round the clock to help you knock off those extra pounds. They give you health tips and also inspire you to reach that perfect physique and figure. 

What will your online weight loss coach do for you?
The moment you are connected to your weight loss coach online, he/she will chalk out a fitness and nutritional program for you. You may discuss your issues with your coach so that he/she gets an accurate idea of your needs and expectations. Your online weight loss coach is your personal trainer who cares for your weight loss as much as you do. 

Weight loss is a hard task in the absence of motivation. You will often find yourself succumbing to sugary cravings or the desire of leaving the weight loss program yourself if you are not motivated enough. Your weight loss coach will ensure that you get access to healthy snacks that are available on the official website of 1to1Fitness.

With the aid of your dedicated weight loss coach, you will find a significant improvement in weight loss with success. The presence of your own personal trainer will also boost your physical and mental health. You will gradually find your body responding to the training. In the process, your confidence and self esteem will also be enhanced to a large extent. 

The workouts that will be given to you by your trainers will increase your energy and productivity to a very large extent. You will reap the benefits of having your own personal fitness expert to boost up your morale when down. No matter how busy you are in your personal life, you will have a trained weight loss coach online to be by your side and get you into good shape in no time. Irrespective of your age and gender you can get personalized fitness exercises and nutrition plans for optimal health and shape without hassles at all. To know more about your very own weight loss coach online. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Healthy Snacking For A Good Life

February 23, 2016 one2one

Healthy Snacking For A Good Life

Health is wealth- this is 100% true for everyone. However, when it comes to food and snacks, most people ignore the significance of checking the nutritional table given on most of the items they consume. It is important for you to have at least six balanced small meals in a day. You should include a lot of leafy vegetables, fish, poultry items, chicken, nuts, fresh fruits and salads. You should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water for keeping your system hydrated.

Healthy Snacks & Desserts 

Now, when it comes to snacking in between meals, people often make the wrong choices. They may be at office and reach out for sugar- laden snacks that are dangerous to health and well-being. Few people will snack on a piece of fruit or nuts to remain full.

Healthy Snacks & Desserts

Snacking is a major predicament for most people. They often opt for fast food like burgers and pizzas when there is no other alternative. Office canteens also do not provide you with many alternatives when it comes to healthy snacks.

Just because you do not have access to healthy snacks, this does not mean that you need to starve when you are hungry. The trick is to develop a healthy food routine. Some healthy snack ideas for you could be fresh fruits, vegetables in the form of baby carrots or celery, wide range of nuts, , hard boiled eggs, popcorn, protein bars, yoghurt, oranges and raisins.

When you are snacking on junk, have you noticed one thing? After eating junk food, you feel terrible- you have either feel bloated or have an upset stomach. If you eat healthy, you will also feel healthy.

Buy Healthy Snacks Online

Unfortunately, not all stores will stock the healthy snacks you may be looking for. It is important for you to order them from a credible online store like 1to1 Fitness. This website will ensure that you find your favorite healthy cake and biscuits here. You will also get healthy cookies in various flavors. They can be easily carried to office, for road trips or just eat them with green tea with your family and friends. The orders for these healthy snacks can be placed easily. They are delivered to your doorstep without hassles. Their prices are pocket-friendly and you would love their delightful taste too.

It is high time you gave up on fast food and unhealthy snacking. You should eat healthy and stay healthy round-the-clock. Healthy snacks are available for you helping you save time and money in the process.

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Simple Daily Tips To A Healthy Diet!

January 23, 2016 one2one

healthy diet

A healthy diet does not mean that you have to impose restrictions on yourself. Many people are not aware of the fact that the food they eat also have an impact on their physical and mental health. When it comes to a healthy diet, you will find that you would be shedding excess weight easily. Your body will love you and the weight loss process becomes faster. If you are overweight and obese, you may follow a diet plan for weight loss. This will help you in a large way to get back into shape. However, when you are looking for the right diet plan, ensure that you get it from a professional expert of fitness and nutrition only.

Tips to healthy diet and eating
Given below are some simple healthy diet and eating tips. They are practical and will help you get into shape fast. Let us take a look at them-

  • Cook and make your own meals- When it comes to meals at home, it is prudent for you to cook and make your own meals. In this manner you are able to supervise what exactly is going into your meals. 
Cook and make your own meals

  • Substitute unhealthy choices with healthy ones- When you have decided to go in for a healthy diet, it is very important for you to substitute unhealthy food with healthy items. For instance, you may substitute fried chicken with grilled fish. You should also cut down on sugar and refined carbohydrates. For example, opting for a donut instead of your breakfast bacon is not a healthy choice. 
  • Simplify your food choices- When it comes to food choices go for natural vegetables and not packaged or processed foods. Yes, they do look tempting but you have to exercise self control in order to get the best for your needs. 
  • Reading labels- One excellent way of monitoring your food habits is to check the labels of the products that you eat. This will give you an insight into the nutritional value of the items that you eat. You can also maintain the calorie count as well. 
  • Water- This is a vital ingredient that you must embrace in your diet. You should not be dehydrated at all. There are many people who drink aerated drinks and beer. You should stay away from them if you are looking for good health. 

Stay Healthy With 1to1 Fitness
In case you are not sure on what to consume in your diet plan, you may consult professionals from 1to1Fitness. They are certified nutritionists and fitness experts who will give you personalized weight loss and management solutions for your needs. You can ask them for guidance and they will be delighted to help you. To contact them for weight loss tip and the secrets of staying fit,
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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tune In To Yoga For A Happy Life!

January 14, 2016 one2one

Tune In To Yoga For A Happy Life!

Today, life has become hectic and very uncomfortable for most people. Those working in the corporate world always have to be on their toes. Some even carry work tensions home as 24 hours a day is not enough for them. Health and fitness experts recommend 30 minutes of physical exercise daily for a happy life. Unfortunately, for most people taking out those 30 minutes from their busy lifestyle also seems to be a mammoth task!

Hard Pressed for Time- Switch to Yoga!

Yoga is said to increase the flow of “prana” or life energy in the human body. Regular practitioners of yoga experience a better quality of living. They are able to retain mental and physical health balance and sleep well too. In fact, yoga helps you feel happy and healthy despite stress and tensions. More and more people are switching to yoga and they have very good reasons to do so. Yoga can also be done at home or in the office. This means you do not have to extract 30 minutes aside if you are super busy. However, it is recommended to at least devote some time of the day for yourself. This is the time that will rejuvenate you and make you feel happy.

 Hard Pressed for Time- Switch to Yoga!

With the aid of a well structured live guideline for yoga, you effectively can manage life better. There are several fitness and health apps and websites that help you learn yoga. This means you do not have to travel miles or take out time to visit a yoga expert. The yoga guideline is customized to meet your needs. Yoga should be conducted appropriately as per your age, weight and lifestyle. Adding a good diet plan with yoga will increase its daily benefits and you will notice a positive difference in a very short span of time.

Sedentary sitting jobs and computer exposure take a toll on your health. It is here that yoga steps in to save the day. There are some deep breathing and yogic postures that you can do smoothly at your work desk. After a matter of few minutes you will be successfully back to work refreshed in no time!

Get Your Personal Yoga Trainer With 1to1 Fitness

At 1to1 Fitness, we give you free online yoga tips. You are able to practice them daily from the comforts of your home. The best part of yoga is that it is ideal for men and women of all ages. The benefits of yoga are immense. You are able to get increased flexibility and better strength. Moreover, you feel and look good too. Yoga enhances the happiness quotient in you to manage stress and daily work pressures with a smile.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

5 Quick Balanced Diet Plans - See How To Stay In Shape!

November 23, 2015 one2one
Are you worried about effective weight management and looking for the right diet plan? If yes, read on to discover 5 quick diet plans to help you stay in shape!

The Balanced Diet Plans For Good Health & Well-Being 
With the right diet plan, you will have a strong immune system, great heart health, high energy levels and the right body weight. It is important for you to always embrace a diet plan that has been scientifically devised and formulated by fitness experts. It is only in this way that you are able to stay fit and healthy. Once you have found a diet plan for your needs, it is important for you to also exercise at least for 30 minutes daily!

Stay In Shape- See How!
Staying in shape can be a big challenge if you do not have the right food. Diet is very important for you to give your body the right nutrients. Given below are 5 quick balanced diet plans to stay in great shape. They are targeted for both males and females. Let us check them out-

  • Heart Healthy Meal Plan- Yes, as the name suggests, this balanced diet plan ensures that you consume food that is healthy for your heart. The dishes and recipes are easy to cook and consume. It is suited for all ages and ideal for people who have heart disorders and looking for a balanced diet plan to take care of their needs. This diet plan has been structured for 28 days. 
Heart Healthy Meal Plan

  • Healthy Aging Meal Plan- This diet plan is for people who wish to delay the signs of aging. The food consumed is rich in antioxidants to keep the wrinkles and the lines at bay. 
Healthy Aging Meal Plan

  • Vegetarian Diet Plan- This is an exclusive meal plan made for people who are strictly vegetarians. The recipes are fast to make and consist mostly of fresh and green vegetables and fruits. 
Vegetarian Diet Plan

  • 7-Day Diabetes Diet Plan- If you are a diabetic and looking for a balanced meal plan, you can opt for the 7 day plan. It gives you a host of delicious recipes that will keep your insulin levels under control. 
  • Gluten Free Diet Plan- The recipes here do not include rye, barley, oats and wheat. This is ideal for people who have gluten intolerance and looking for a balanced diet to follow. 
Gluten Free Diet Plan

With the right balanced diet plan, you are able to keep the body complete with the right vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients. Eating well will also help you avert illness and disease. It contributes to positive weight management and ensures you get a constant feeling of well-being and energy.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

7 Healthy Diet Plans To Reduce Weight Naturally With 1to1 Fitness

November 09, 2015 one2one
Weight loss does not have to be a struggle if you have the right diet plan. This diet plan will help you shrug off the unwanted fat and provide you nutrients for safe weight loss. Given below are 7 healthy diet plans from 1to1 Fitness experts. Let us take a look at them-

  • 7Lbs In 7 Days Diet Plan- This is a juice diet devised by Jason Vale. It cleanses your system and gives you a set of simple exercises too to get back into shape fast. 
7Lbs In 7 Days Diet Plan

  • Ketogenic Diet Plan- This diet plan has been targeted for beginners. It reduces fatigue and helps you lose fat. It provides you the nutrition you require for a first-time weight loss regime.
  • GM Diet- This diet plan was exclusively designed for the employees of General Motors to make them healthier and productive. This diet plan was extensively studied and designed with support from The US Department of Agriculture. It was tested by the John Hopkins Research Center!
  • Clean Food Diet- This diet plan avoids all kinds of processed food. It has been exclusively designed for both men and women by Jonathan Vine. 
  • 7 Day Smoothie Weight Loss Diet- This is a quick weight loss option for people who are desperate to get into shape fast. This diet plan has a lot of smoothie options for individuals to consume to knock off those extra pounds quickly. 
7 Day Smoothie Weight Loss Diet-

  •  The 7 Day Acid Reflux Diet Plan- There are many people who suffer from acid reflux and this is a major hindrance to weight loss. This diet plan has been uniquely designed for men and women who face the common problem of acidity and constipation. It has a number of easy recipes to help you get into shape fast. 
  • 7 day Vegetarian diet plan to lose weight-This diet plan is targeted towards vegetarians who wish to lose weight and get into shape fast. It consists of fresh fruits and vegetables. 
7 day Vegetarian diet plan to lose weight

Therefore, if you are looking for ways on how to reduce weight, you can try out any of the diet meal plans that have been listed above. When you are embracing any diet meal plan for weight loss, it is important to combine exercise with it as well. You do not have to hit the gym. Simple exercises like walking, swimming, jogging etc for 30 minutes will help you get into shape. You also will feel good as a host of endorphins are released into your brain. This also will help you stay focused and motivated to lose weight.

For more assistance and easy tips on weight loss and other associated issues, please feel free to contact the friendly health experts of 1to1 Fitness at

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10 Quick Balanced Diet Plans

October 23, 2015 one2one

It is very important for both young and old to eat a balanced diet plan. This will give you the scope to optimize your health and be fit as a fiddle. Given below are 10 balanced diet plan recommendations for you and your family. You can embrace any of them for the health and well-being of your family. They have been briefly outlined for you to choose-

1.     Low Carb Diet Plan - The low carb diet is ideal for people who wish to optimize their health and lose weight. It involves the eating of unprocessed and natural food. 

Low Carb Diet Plan

2.     Mediterranean Diet - The Mediterranean Diet is one that has been extensively framed and ideal for the prevention of heart disease. Refined oils, processed food, added sugars and beverages should be completely avoided.

Mediterranean Diet

3.     Paleo Diet - This is one of the most popular diets for general weight loss and the general improvement of health. Here, you should eat fish, meat, eggs, fruits, nuts, spices, healthy fats and oils. Sugar, processed food, trans-fats, margarine, vegetable oils should be avoided.

 Paleo Diet

4.     Gluten Free Diet - This diet plan is targeted towards people who have intolerance towards gluten- a protein that you find in wheat and other grains like rye, barley and spelt. Here, you are to avoid all sort of processed foods and keep bay from products that has gluten in them.

Gluten Free Diet

5.     31 Day Meal Plan - This diet plan gives you 31 recipes to eat for 31 days. They are delicious and you can enjoy them with family and friends. 

6.     The 1400 Metabolism Boosting Diet Plan - This diet plan devised by Ashley Koff strictly instructs clients to consume 1400 calories daily.

The 1400 Metabolism Boosting Diet Plan

7.     Diabetes Diet Plan - This diet plan is targeted for sufferers of diabetes. It gives you appropriate recipes for consuming the right amount of calories.

Diabetes Diet Plan

8.     The 7 day weight loss diet plan - This diet plan restricts food intake to 1200 calories alone. This will accelerate your weight loss goals and keep the extra pounds off with success!

9.     Vegetarian Diet Plan - If you are vegetarian, it is obvious that you would need a diet plan to meet and match your needs. This plan is the one for you and your family. It gives you a host of scrumptious vegetarian dishes you can make for yourself and family. 

10. Weight Loss Diet Plan - This is a 4 week weight loss diet plan. There are three different caloric intakes for you and they are 1200, 1500 and 1800 calories

Therefore, if you are looking for a healthy way to live life, opt for any one of the above balance diet plan suggestions that suit you the best. You will not only stay in shape but you will feel your dazzling best too!
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