Saturday, July 16, 2016

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Safe And Healthy Ways To Gain Weight


When you are looking for ways and means to gain weight, you will find that you are the subject of envy among your friends and family. Everyone has the endeavor to lose weight but unfortunately, for you it is very tough to gain that extra pound of flesh. Trusted nutritionists in Noida state that you cannot just gain weight by adding junk food to your diet. It is very important for you to discover the safe and healthy way to gain weight. Given below are some healthy tips-
  • Opt for safe weight gain foods- When you are looking for a healthy way to add the pounds to your diet, it is prudent for you to do away with fat-free versions of food.  You can do away with ready-made food and make your own salad with dressings rich in healthy oils. Check the label of the food items that you consume and remove those that have “low calorie”, “light” and “diet” mentioned on the labels. 
  • Cereals- Ensure that the cereals you eat daily has 200 calories per cup. It is prudent for you to opt for museli and granola as cereal intake.
  • Opt for fatty fish- You may opt for fish that is rich in fat like salmon. This fish is high in calories and is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that are healthy.
  • Consume desserts rich in nutrients- You should consume desserts that are rich in nutrients like oatmeal cookies, pumpkin pie, zucchini bread and frozen yoghurt.
  • Snack healthy- The healthy snacks that you may opt for are nuts, dried fruits and fresh fruits with a high density like mangoes and avacodos.
  • Make smoothies- Smoothies are good for you to take between meals. You can make them at home easily. You may also replace water with fruit juice as this is thicker and will make you feel fuller for long intervals too.
Therefore, if you are looking for means and ways as to how to gain weight, you will find that the above tips will help you put on the extra pounds in a safe and effective manner Thanks to technology and the internet you will find that there are several online stores where you may buy food products for your health. You can also buy health supplements for getting the energy and the vitality you deserve. 

In short, you do not have to worry about gaining weight in the unhealthy manner. Be smart and wise. In case, you cannot find the healthy food you want in local stores, you may shop online and have them delivered to your home. For credible online grocery shopping Delhi stores,

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